Cultural Heritage in Cheshire County

Cheshire County’s cultural heritage is one of the main reasons people live here, visit here, and start businesses here.  The rich history of the area contributes to our quality of life.  The Historical Society fosters connections between our personal histories and the history of the region.  The Society provides a sense of place by connecting the historical past with the here and now. Cheshire County counts on the Historical Society to preserve the region’s history so that our memories are not lost for future generations.


Making History Come Alive


We Got a Grant!!!!! Thank You New Hampshire Humanities!!!!!

The Historical Society of Cheshire County has received a quick grant from New Hampshire Humanities to support its 13th annual teacher workshop.  This year’s workshop theme is the Civil War. The Civil War teacher workshop is designed for educators who wish to expand their understanding of how people from the Monadnock region lived and responded […]

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The Battle Has Begun

Lawn Ornament Photo Battle There is a battle brewing and it needs to get settled once and for all! Gnomes Vs. Flamingos Photograph yourself with your favorite lawn ornament and send it to us.  Submit images of you and your “bestie”  around town, at your favorite hangout, or on top of Mount Monadnock. We don’t […]

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Planting for Wildlife: Incorporating Pollinator Habitat Into Your Landscape

Planting for Wildlife: Incorporating Pollinator Habitat Into Your Landscape The Cheshire County Conservation District (CCCD) is hosting a workshop in collaboration with the Historical Society of Cheshire County. Featured speaker Jeff Littleton, Principal Ecologist at Moosewood Ecological LLC and Adjunct Faculty at Antioch University, will lead a workshop on enhancing habitat for pollinators. This workshop […]

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Maple Sugaring in New England

The production of maple sugar is steeped in history and for 150 years was an annual event for almost every farm in New England. Those farmers would hardly recognize today’s process of creating maple syrup yet the idea is still the same. Join Steven Roberge, UNH Cooperative Extension Forester and Maple Specialist for an evening […]

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Beginner Beekeeping Course

Beginner Beekeeping Course Offered  Pollinators are in the news; backyard beekeeping is on the rise. Learn what it takes to keep honeybees, what equipment is needed and what isn’t. This course will go over honeybee biology, behavior, hive management, how to spot disease or pests and more. Want to know if beekeeping is for you […]

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Workshop: Cultivating Worms

Cultivating Worms. Learn what it takes to cultivate worms over the winter for use in your home gardens. Owners of Alstead’s Cook Hill Farm will provide a hands-on workshop on Vermiculture to answer your questions about the use of worms in gardens. The workshop will begin at 11:00am. This event is free and open to […]

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Featured Exhibit

In the Far Pasture: 300 Year of Agriculture in Cheshire County In September of 1779 Keene farmer and diarist Abner Sanger was understandably consumed by the annual harvest of crops. He cut, moved and piled hay most days during the month. He also cut, carried and chopped corn and corn stalks, dug potatoes, made cider, […]

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Wanted – Part-Time Development Director

The Historical Society of Cheshire County seeks a part-time Development Director to administer the development, membership and marketing activities of the Society. The Development Director is expected to work in close collaboration with the Executive Director, the Board of Trustees, and community volunteers to insure the success of the organization’s development and marketing plans. This […]

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