Cultural Heritage in Cheshire County

Cheshire County’s cultural heritage is one of the main reasons people live here, visit here, and start businesses here.  The rich history of the area contributes to our quality of life.  The Historical Society fosters connections between our personal histories and the history of the region.  The Society provides a sense of place by connecting the historical past with the here and now. Cheshire County counts on the Historical Society to preserve the region’s history so that our memories are not lost for future generations.


Making History Come Alive


Auction 2015

We are truly thankful for your support!   On behalf of the Historical Society of Cheshire County Staff, the Board of Trustees and the Auction Committee we would like to thank all those who contributed the Auction of Historic Proportions on Friday October 2, 2015.   Our sponsors, item donors, organizers, food and beverage providers, attendees […]

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Film Series

Challenges and Celebrations: NH Film Series Communicating History Through Film For nearly 100 years, filmmakers have been recording, depicting, commenting on and analyzing life in the state of New Hampshire.  These films often create a powerful impact, only to disappear from public consciousness a short time later.  The Historical Society of Cheshire County is embarking […]

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Capital Campaign

Investing in Our History, Enhancing Our Future Redefining the Historical Society of Cheshire County The Historical Society of Cheshire County collects, preserves, and communicates the history of the region at our home on Keene’s Main Street and at the Wyman Tavern Museum only a block away. We fully recognize, as have other successful historical societies […]

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Things to do

Cheshire County’s rich cultural heritage offers a variety of opportunities for things to do at the Historical Society’s headquarters in the Ball Mansion, the Society’s period house museum the Wyman Tavern, and all around the 23 historic towns that make up Cheshire County, New Hampshire. The Historical Society’s Headquarters are located in an 1870 Italianate […]

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History Packet No. 2: George A. Wheelock, Naturalist

By Samuel Wadsworth It has been suggested that a few words relating to the life history of George A. Wheelock would be appropriate in connection with the history of the Keene Natural History Society of which he was president. George Alexander Wheelock, the eldest son of Lynds and Sarah Conant Wheelock, was born in Winchester, […]

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