Resources: Era 7: 1890-1933

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Online chronologies of events in Cheshire County at different periods of time.

Monadnock Moments

Short historical articles about people, places, or events in the Monadnock region.

Film 1: Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve

How does a teacher training school in rural New Hampshire transform itself into a leading public liberal-arts college? This documentary chronicles Keene State's rise from Keene Normal School, founded in 1909, to an institution that dares its...

Film 6: Trolleys, Trains, and Flyers

Stories from Keene residents who remember the days when Keene was a railroad center. Interviews with Ernest L. Bell, Sally Bell, Donald Carle, Philip H. Faulkner, Jr., Judy Hall, Margaret Hanrahan, Robert Hardy, George Kingsbury, Harold Larro,...

Film 8: An American Nurse at War

This award-winning documentary honors women's service to their country and chronicles the heroic experience of nurse Marion McCune Rice of Brattleboro, Vermont. Rice's story is told through her own photos as well as written accounts by wounded...

Lesson 1: Caring for Pets

Caring for Pets: Learning about Humane Societies and Jennie B. Powers Grades: K-3Works well with Primary Source Packet 6: Horses in our Community   In this 8-page colorful booklet, students learn about wants vs. needs for animals and humans, the responsibility of...

Lesson 2: Analyzing Local History for the Progressive Era

Grades: 9-12Works well with Lesson 3: Jennie B. Powers & the Humane Society in the Progressive Era Students will use Keene Sentinel articles and other historic documents to study progressive era movements at the turn of the 20th century.  Articles show both what...

Lesson 3: Jennie B. Powers and the Progressive Era

Grades: 9-12Works well with Lesson 2: Analyzing Local History for the Progressive Era Students will use newspaper articles and historic documents to learn about Jennie B. Powers and her work with the humane society in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Review the...

Lesson 4: Local Immigration History- the Finns of Cheshire County

Grades: 6-8, 9-12 Includes an introduction and two lessons.  Students will learn about local immigration history by analyzing primary sources pertaining to the Finnish community in Cheshire County.  Topics include: immigration history, international wars, Depression...

Online Exhibit 1: In the Far Pasture

An online presentation on the history of agriculture in Cheshire County, New Hampshire from pre-colonial days into the 21st century. Based on an onsite exhibit at the Historical Society of Cheshire County in 2017.

Photo Packet 4: Logging & Woodworking Industries

Designed to help students understand one of the most important industries in the region.  Enlarged photographs depict lumber-related industries. Images range from the harvesting of trees to manufacture of the final product.

Primary Source Packet 5: Horses in our Community’s Past

Grades: K-3 Works well with Lesson 1: Caring for our Pets: Learning about Humane Societies & Jennie B. Powers This primary source packet contains about 12 enlarged, laminated, historic photographs of Cheshire County scenes that contain images of horses.  Students...

Primary Sources 2: Transportation History

Ten photographs of transportation used in the region during a 100-year period.  Students can identify the forms of transportation covered, technological developments, environmental impact, change over time, and other aspects of transportation history....

Primary Sources 3: Industrialization

Ten photographs of a variety of work scenes in Cheshire County between 1875 and 1921. The packet may be used to discuss technological developments, labor conditions and the arrival of the Industrial Revolution in our region.

Story 1: Kingsbury Toys for Boys & Girls

Let our historical society staff share the story of toys manufactured in Keene, New Hampshire with your students.  This 20 minute presentation uses actual historic photographs, documents and toy artifacts to introduce students to local manufacturing history,...

Wonder Box 6: World War I

Touchable artifacts,  historic photographs, and the transcribed diary of local soldier Arcade Joyal combine to illustrate the impact that World War I had on local residents in the 1910s.

Wonder Box 9: Immigration History: Our Finnish Community

A collection of Finnish objects, children's literature, musical instruments, and music CDs related to Finnish culture in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.  This wonder box comes in an old suitcase, allowing kids to imagine What would my family bring...