Resources: Era 7: 1890-1933

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Online chronologies of events in Cheshire County at different periods of time.

Monadnock Moments

Short historical articles about people, places, or events in the Monadnock region.

Photo Packet 4: Logging & Woodworking Industries

Designed to help students understand one of the most important industries in the region.  Enlarged photographs depict lumber-related industries. Images range from the harvesting of trees to manufacture of the final product.

Primary Source Packet 5: Horses in our Community’s Past

Grades: K-3 Works well with Lesson 1: Caring for our Pets: Learning about Humane Societies & Jennie B. Powers This primary source packet contains about 12 enlarged, laminated, historic photographs of Cheshire County scenes that contain images of horses.  Students...

Primary Sources 2: Transportation History

Ten photographs of transportation used in the region during a 100-year period.  Students can identify the forms of transportation covered, technological developments, environmental impact, change over time, and other aspects of transportation history....

Primary Sources 3: Industrialization

Ten photographs of a variety of work scenes in Cheshire County between 1875 and 1921. The packet may be used to discuss technological developments, labor conditions and the arrival of the Industrial Revolution in our region.