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Film 4: The Great Hurricane of 1938 (in Keene)

Keene residents who experienced the hurricane which struck Keene, NH on Sept. 21, 1938 share their stories in a series of interviews. This film includes historic film footage and photographs at the scene, as well as photographs taken before and after the event....

Lesson 1: Caring for Pets

Caring for Pets: Learning about Humane Societies and Jennie B. Powers Grades: K-3Works well with Primary Source Packet 6: Horses in our Community   In this 8-page colorful booklet, students learn about wants vs. needs for animals and humans, the responsibility of...

Online Exhibit 1: In the Far Pasture

An online presentation on the history of agriculture in Cheshire County, New Hampshire from pre-colonial days into the 21st century. Based on an onsite exhibit at the Historical Society of Cheshire County in 2017.

Photo Packet 4: Logging & Woodworking Industries

Designed to help students understand one of the most important industries in the region.  Enlarged photographs depict lumber-related industries. Images range from the harvesting of trees to manufacture of the final product.

Primary Source Packet 5: Horses in our Community’s Past

Grades: K-3 Works well with Lesson 1: Caring for our Pets: Learning about Humane Societies & Jennie B. Powers This primary source packet contains about 12 enlarged, laminated, historic photographs of Cheshire County scenes that contain images of horses.  Students...

Primary Sources 1: Central Square, Keene

Photographs of Keene’s Central Square, between 1858 to 1980, illustrate the ways in which a community changes over time.  Students will also see the development of technology, architecture, transportation, clothing and other aspects of society.

Primary Sources 2: Transportation History

Ten photographs of transportation used in the region during a 100-year period.  Students can identify the forms of transportation covered, technological developments, environmental impact, change over time, and other aspects of transportation history....

Primary Sources 3: Industrialization

Ten photographs of a variety of work scenes in Cheshire County between 1875 and 1921. The packet may be used to discuss technological developments, labor conditions and the arrival of the Industrial Revolution in our region.

Story 1: Kingsbury Toys for Boys & Girls

Let our historical society staff share the story of toys manufactured in Keene, New Hampshire with your students.  This 20 minute presentation uses actual historic photographs, documents and toy artifacts to introduce students to local manufacturing history,...

Wonder Box 1: Tools of the Trade

Eight historical tools of the 19th century are included in this hands on exercise. Students may try to determine what the tools are, how they were used and how the same task would be done today.

Wonder Box 3: Abenaki Culture: Pre-European Contact

 Man-made objects used by Paleo-Indians in everyday life are all made from natural resources.  Objects relate to food preparation, fire-starting, fishing and hunting, and adornment.  Teacher guide, illustrations, and activity suggestions...

Wonder Box 4: Abenaki Culture Post-European Contact

Reproductions of European trade items that Abenaki people used after contact that often replaced tools and items made for natural materials found locally or traded for. Teacher guide and activities included with Wonder Box.

Wonder Box 5: Colonial Period Games

 Help students develop their math skills while learning games that children played in the 18th century. Nine games include board games, dice games, card games and marbles.  Wonder box contains all game pieces as well as instructions and a brief history of...

Wonder Box 9: Immigration History: Our Finnish Community

A collection of Finnish objects, children's literature, musical instruments, and music CDs related to Finnish culture in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.  This wonder box comes in an old suitcase, allowing kids to imagine What would my family bring...