Monadnock Moments No. 12: Ezra Carter Gets His Pay

A tale from Nelson, New Hampshire tells us of doctor Ezra Carter, an early settler of our region who treated the sick in some of our neighboring towns.  Dr. Carter was a kind, pleasant, and much beloved physician.
On one occasion Dr. Carter was called to visit a sick family.  In addition to the illness, the family was suffering from the effects of poverty.  The family was sick for an extended period and Dr. Carter attended to their needs.  As they recovered, the head of the family realized that he could not afford to pay the doctor. “How, doctor, am I to pay you,” he said, “for all your kindness, your attention, and medicine?  You see here a large family, destitute of everything, save the bare necessities of life.”  Dr. Carter replied, “I have been faithful to you, and am I not entitled to a reward?  I can inform you my good friends, that I am knowing to your having property enough to satisfy my demands and moreover, that I shall have it before leaving this house!”  The poor family knew not what to say, having always heard that the doctor was a man of benevolence and mercy.  They did not know what to do.  At that moment a flock of kittens scampered across the room.  The doctor caught one of them and put it in his pocket.  “I told you I should have my pay,” he said, “I have got it.  Good-bye, and God bless you.”