Monadnock Moments No. 60: Nathan Blake's Agreement

Blake was one of Keene’s most prominent and respected citizens for nearly seventy-five years during Keene’s early days.  He married Elizabeth Graves in 1742.  Nathan and Elizabeth spent sixty-two years together until her death in 1804.
Two years later, at the age of 94, Nathan decided to remarry and entered into a marriage agreement with Mrs. Mary Brintnall.  The agreement stated that the two would be married and that Mary Brintnall would live with Blake and take care of him in sickness and health until his death.  At that time she would be entitled to $100 from Blake’s estate.  When she had received her $100, Mary agreed to return to her former home and to make no further claim against the estate.  Furthermore, she agreed to “procure and find her own clothes in addition to taking care of Blake during his lifetime.”
The agreement was signed by Nathan, Mary, and two witnesses on December 30, 1805.   Three days later Nathan and Mary became husband and wife.  It is recorded that Mary Brintnall was “a fascinating widow of sixty-four” at the time of the wedding.  Mary and Nathan spent five years together until Nathan passed away in 1811 at the age of 99.  Shortly thereafter, his estate awarded ‘widow Mary Blake as per agreement before marriage… $100.”  Widow Mary Brintnall Blake passed away in Keene fourteen years later at the age of 85.