Timeline: 1920 – 1929

Era 7: Emergence of Modern American – 1890 to 1930
Keene During the 1920s
Compiled by Judy St. Gelais

3 January
Carey Chair Factory burned, lost $16,5000.

22 January
Influenza epidemic outbreak.

5 February
William Wright receives wireless time service from Arlington.

11 February
Emergency hospital set up at Elk’s Home on Roxbury Street for influenza outbreak.

14 February
Board of Health resigns.

21 February
Keene District or Visiting Nurse Association formed.

1 April
John A. Drummer bequests 135 acres to city for park land.

15 April
Bond for bridge over the Ashuelot on Island St. issued.

2 September
Laura E. Mason elected by city councils as superintendent of cemeteries.

4 October
Motorized ladder and hose truck purchased for fire department.

11 November
Gordon-Bissell Post No. 4, American Legion observes Armistice Day.

American Legion Auxiliary organized with 166 charter members.

4 January
Orville Cain inaugurated mayor; 5 of 15 council are women.

10 March
Health officer appointed by Board of Health.

28 April
Union School District bought land for Roosevelt School.

Community Hospital subscription drive raises $275,000.

Island Street steel truss bridge erected.

Court and Main Street paved with cement.

American Legion secured Gerould property at 43 West St. for headquarters.

6 April
Playground purchased from E. F. Lane estate.

New scenery painted for City Hall stage.

Marlborough Street paved with cement.

Six concrete bridges built, with 5 over Beaver Brook and 1 on Whltcomb Mills Road.

Elliot Community Hospital completed.

Railroad shops have been closed for 6 months due to strike.

Eugene Riley became the first paid permanent fire chief.

Keene Rotary Club organized by 25 business and professional men.

19 September
Constitution Week exercises held at the city’s playground.

21 November
Latchis Theater opened.

6 December
Faulkner & Colony Mills gave the city 8 acres near Dinsmoor Woods.

Old country club grounds on Arch Street sold to Keene High School.

Athletic Association Athletic Club organized for winter sports.

25 December
Municipal Christmas tree erected, children remembered by St. Nicholas in his workshop.

Miss Mary Dinsmoor gave 13 acres for public use on Maple Avenue.

29-30 January
Colonial Theatre opened with 6,000 people entertained free.

22 February Woman’s Club celebrates Washington’s Birthday at Colonial Theatre.

Union School District issued bonds for addition to high school.

4 July
Celebration run by Exchange Club and Federated Woman’s Club.

14-20 August
Chautauqua in Keene.

9 November
Soldier’s war memorial on Central Square dedicated.

Elliot Community Hospital remodeled.

New country club opens in West Keene.

Basketball was established as a regular team sport at the High School.

The Salmagundi was established at the High School.

13 February
Island Street Bridge threatened by ice jam.

19 February
Earthquake at 9:22 p.m.

9 March
Bloomer and Haselton alter Armory building on Winter Street.

10 April
Burdett Chair Manufacturing Company burned.

1 July
President Coolidge passed through Keene.

26 August
Begin paving Washington Street with cement.

16 October
Shriner’s Convention held in Keene.

6 November
City adopts official flag.

11 November
Armistice Day celebrated with 10,000 people attending the opening of White Way.

21 December
Cheshire County Savings Bank opens new office

24 December
Community Christmas tree and Bridge of Joy in Central Square.

Cheshire County Dental Society formed.

High School band organized.

14 March
Fire station burns, loss of $9,000.

28 June
New bus line begins operation.

22 July
Severe wind storm.

11 November
German war canon installed at Fuller Park.

City removes old electric trolley rails.

State builds $35,000 Armory on Fuller Park.

10 February
Organizational meeting of the Historical Society of Cheshire County.

22 February
Rotary Club raises $500 for high school band.

1 March
Opening of new fire station.

17 April Scenic Theatre destroyed by fire.

21 April Severe forest fire in the north woods in Keene.

28 April
Union School district to build new school in West Keene.

Historical Society of Cheshire County organized.

15 June
Lightning strikes spire of St. James Church.

27 July
Charles Lindberg circles over Keene several times with the Spirit of St. Louis.

3 October
Information Booth reports 14,000 cars passed by this season.

20 October
Keene National Bank opens new office at head of Central Square.

24 October
High water with boats used on some streets.

Connecticut River rose 29 3/4 feet.

11 November
Dedication of new State Armory by Gov. Spaulding.

New gymnasium given to Keene State Normal School.

Scenic Theatre rebuilt.

November Rail lines damaged by flooding.

25 December
Municipal Christmas tree in Central Square with gifts for children.

28 February
City Councils vote to remodel City Hall.

14 April
William Wright vacates store in City Hall after 52 years.

18 April
Remodeling begins on City Hall.

19 April
A tree 3 feet in diameter fell onto Faulkner’s field on West Street.

28 April
Eight inches of snow.

10 May
Paving of West Street and Park Avenue.

20 May
R0TC Camp of UNH held at Alumni Field, 700 attend, with Dance held on Central Square.

5 July
Chautauqua week.

20 September
Airport on Wyman Street opened.

26 September
Early snow squall.

Kilns used in glass making found at Fuller Park.

31 October
Editor Shaw and Wallace Mason talk to Australians by radio.

Keene is the first city to purchase paving equipment and its own quarry.

28 March
Keene School District purchases Dinsmoor property to build Mechanic Arts Building behind high school.

24 April
Fire at Lane’s Brick Shop also destroys Crescent Shoe Company.

1 June
Councils appropriate money for Reservoir Pond project in city park.

1 July
Very cold with 36 degree temperatures.

3 July
Snow squalls.

Fire at Water Works garage.

11 November
Armistice Day celebrated with parade and reviewing stand at Court House.

12 December
Traffic signal lights established.

New construction for 1929: Sentinel Building on West Street, Parochial School on Wilson Street, modern garage for Beaver Mills, Grand Army of the Republic Hall on Mechanic Street, and Mechanic Arts Building at the high school.