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History By Era: Revolutionary America & The New Republic



Online chronologies of events in Cheshire County at different periods of time.

Monadnock Moments

Short historical articles about people, places, or events in the Monadnock region.

How to Play Shut the Box

Let 8-year old Cheshire County student Ruby teach you and your students a couple of Colonial era games.  Appropriate for grades 3+. Available on YouTube.Shut the Box:  Ruby introduces the game Shut the Box which was played in the 18th century. She also shows kids how...

Keene’s Early Neighbors

Grades: 3-4 Introduce your students to some of Keene's real 18th and 19th century residents.   Keene's Early Neighbors is a 2-part pdf, with biographies matching the city's 3rd grade program Keene Comes Alive. Written by: Horatio Colony House Museum director Anita...

The Wyman Tavern and Horatio Colony House

Grades: 3-4 Students can read about the history of two of Keene's historical sites, the Wyman Tavern (1762) and Horatio Colony House (1806).  They will be introduced to important events and people in Keene's history.  Students will gain a better understanding of life...

Wonder Box 4: Abenaki Culture Post-European Contact

Reproductions of European trade items that Abenaki people used after contact that often replaced tools and items made for natural materials found locally or traded for. Teacher guide and activities included with Wonder Box.

Wonder Box 5: Colonial Period Games

 Help students develop their math skills while learning games that children played in the 18th century. Nine games include board games, dice games, card games and marbles.  Wonder box contains all game pieces as well as instructions and a brief history of each...