State-of-the-art technologies will allow the Historical Society of Cheshire County to document, share, and broadcast our programs to the world. With your support, we’ll reach people wherever they live and break down barriers, such as transportation or mobility issues, to offer more inclusive events.

Our intent is to install high-quality projection and sound systems, improved internet connectivity, and interactive multimedia displays. A presentation about historic railroads of Hancock and Harrisville could be attended in person at the Historical Society or viewed from someone’s home in Harrisville. A film on Kingsbury Toys, which were manufactured in Keene, could be shown to a live audience and streamed to viewers worldwide. A panel discussion featuring former journalists from the Keene Sentinel could be presented as a webinar with Q&A. Visitors to the new Jonathan Daniels museum space could see videos and images documenting the life of this civil rights hero who grew up in Keene.

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We plan to invest $40,000 in technology upgrades to tell the stories of Cheshire County History. You can help make this project happen by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign today.

The Local Crowd (TLC) Monadnock is hosting a crowdfunding page to help us raise funds so our programs can be seen by anyone, anywhere. To visit our crowdfunding page,  click here for more information and to support our campaign.