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Meet Elizabeth: a 20th Century Abenaki Story

Grades: K-3.  In this 7-page booklet, students learn about a local Abenaki family's story.  Elizabeth Sadoques grew up in Keene, NH, as a child in the early 1900s. Her story is multi-generational and linked to her family's culture.  Questions at the end test students'...

Western Abenakis, the Sadoques Family

Middle School & High School.  Primary source packet.  Contains historic photographs representing four generations of the Sadoques family of Keene.  Students will note an Abenaki presence in the Connecticut River Valley region that persists today. Each photograph...

Abenaki Culture: Pre-European Contact

Grades 3-5.  Touchable Artifact Kit.  Man-made objects used by the indigenous people N'dakinna (including Cheshire County) thousands of years ago.  Objects reflect everyday life and are all made from natural resources.  Together the artifacts relate to food...

Abenaki Culture Post-European Contact

Grade 3-5.  Touchable Artifact Kit.  Reproductions of European trade items and Native-made objects, used by the Abenaki people during the 17th-19th centuries.  Teacher guide and activities included with Wonder Box.