Wyman Tavern Festival

10am-3pm.  Wyman Tavern, 339 Main St., Keene

This family-friendly festival brings the past alive, 18th century style.  The Wyman Tavern Festival encourages kids and adults to play! Visitors can card wool, churn butter, make corn husk dolls, shuck corn, spin tops, or play 18th century games like Shut the Box.

The Hinsdale Garrison Company will be camped on the grounds of the Tavern, sharing their knowledge of family life in the 1700’s through hearth cooking, sewing, candle making, period games, and care and maintenance of muskets for protection and hunting.

Eighteenth century music is a big part of the Wyman Tavern Festival, from fife and drum music to period dance. .

A blacksmith, cooper, a milliner, spinner, a chair rusher, and woodworkers will practice their crafts.

The Wyman Tavern’s famous rhubarb coolers will be available, and the Keene High Interact Club will be cooking 21st century lunches. A $5 donation is suggested for the Wyman Tavern Festival and the public is welcome. The Wyman Tavern is located at 339 Main Street in Keene, New Hampshire.


Wyman Tavern Treasure Hunt Clue #1

The Historical Society of Cheshire County is offering a treasure hunt for children and families in the weeks leading up to the Wyman Tavern Festival on June 17. The treasure hunt involves an important document, and the clues will lead people to historic spots around Keene, culminating with the final clues and the discovery of the treasure at the Wyman Tavern Festival.

All participants will have the opportunity to find the treasure at the Wyman Tavern Festival and will be entered in the drawing for prizes such as American Silver Eagle coins of 1 troy ounce silver donated by the Savings Bank of Walpole. All participants will receive a certificate of completion.

About the treasure hunt:

 The treasure is an important historical document, and someone needs to find this document on June 17 at the Wyman Tavern Festival. The Historical Society needs your help, and there is a reward. The only clue we have unearthed thus far is this puzzle.  Use the crossword puzzle to get clues to solve the puzzle below, bring it to the Historical Society of Cheshire County at 246 Main Street in Keene, and be deputized for the quest. Your next clue will be given to you upon arrival, and then your quest will begin.

Click Here for Crossword Puzzle

First clue:

Cheshire County Treasure: Let the Hunt Begin!

To discover the location of the next clue, solve the puzzle below, finding the letters from words in the completed crossword puzzle. For each space in the answer, the first number indicates the number of the word in the crossword puzzle. The second number indicates the position of the letter or number in the word.  For example, 16-1 is from the 16th word in the crossword puzzle, and it is the first letter in that word or B in BarryFaulkner [16 across: local muralist (painter) whose work is in the National Archives]. To assist you in solving the puzzle, the first letter is included.

__G___  _____ / _____  _____/  _____ _____ _____/ _____  _____  _____  _____.

4-6       4-2       2-3        3-6    7-4      5-1      5-3      8-3       9-4      14-3     16-11

Note: Please visit the location indicated from the clue during open hours.