Marketing Monadnock

February 9- May 5, 2018

“Marketing Monadnock,” illustrates the role Mount Monadnock has had throughout this region and beyond by showing how often it’s been used on marketing materials throughout history. Many artists and authors have focused on the mountain’s beauty over the last two centuries, but it has also been used as the centerpiece of advertising by restaurateurs, hoteliers and attraction owners attempting to draw visitors to this corner of New Hampshire. Hundreds of businesses, clubs and organizations have used the word “Monadnock” in their names or product lines.

The image of Mount Monadnock has been used to help sell everything from fences, fuel, fruit, flooring and ski lessons to dating services, cement blocks, coins, and beauty supplies. The “Marketing Monadnock” story is told through the use of dozens of artifacts, products and images, through the work of early artists of the area, and through the words of authors, journalists, advertisers, and others who have “marketed Monadnock.”