Magical History Tour

Magical History Tours

Guided Walking tours of Keene’s 16 historically-themed murals are planned for Sept-Oct 2020. Check here for more details and times.

One hundred years ago, many women around the country won the right to vote with the passage of the 19th amendment.  The Badass Women of Keene walking tour delves into the history of that occasion from a local perspective.  This history-on-the-streets experience highlights empowered women from the community and shares one city’s involvement with a national movement.

A Walk through Keene’s History

Let Franklin School’s 3rd graders guide you through downtown Keene with this audio tour!

Barry Faulkner Tours

Take a self-guided walking tour of downtown Keene to see some hand-painted murals and drawings by artist Barry Faulkner.  (subject to open hours of businesses included on the tour)