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Life Members

Life Members – Historical Society of Cheshire County

Joan Ames

Jean Benson Angelero

Eleanor Ball

Lewis and Carol Barnes

Laura Barrett

Juliana Bergeron and Arto Leino

Robert Biddle

Jay and Lisa Blanchard

Chris J. Booras and Mary J. Booras

Peter and Maria Bradshaw

Linda Cates and Tom Murray

Margot Close

George and Ann Colony

John Goodwin Cooney

Mary Delisle and George Foskett

Alicia Drakiotes

Richard and Patricia Dugger

Dayton and Dianne Duncan

Robert and Alfrieda Englund

Robert and Jeananna Farrar

Barry and Carol Faulkner

Charles Felix

Bill and JoAnn Fenton

Paul Fiondella

Sue Foster

Joslin Kimball Frank

David Frechette and Sydney Croteau Frechette

Harry Frechette and Judy Hodge

Mike Giacomo and Rachel Eschle

Phyllis Gove and Steve Casad

Glenn and Judy Guyette

Thomas R. Hanna and Elke O. Hanna

Elizabeth and Peter Hansel

Nancy and Roger Hansen

Betsey Harris

Don and Joyce Healy

John and Jean Hoffman

June Houghton

Carl and Ruth Jacobs

Rebecca Jacobs

Peter, Cornelia, and Cathy Jenness

Harry H. Johnson, Jr.

Richard and Judith Kalich

Marcia Kayser

Lewis F. Kibler, MD

Megan Burke Kidder

Claire Kluskens

James L. Koontz

Lance and Christine LaClair

David LaCoste and Patricia I. Campbell

Howard and Elaine Lane

Jane P. Lane

Molly and Kendall Lane

Steve and Jane Larmon

Marion Lefrancois and Kelly Dodge

Denise Lindgren

Aaron Aliber Lipsky

Carolyn A. Loos

Karen Lyle and Rob Lyle

Jacqueline M. Lyon

Dan and Michal Mariaschin

Tim and Ann McCann

Susan and John McGinnis

Neal and Melanie McKnight

Bill & Kathy Medvidofsky

Margaret M. (Meg) Murtha

John and Jennie Newcombe

Bruce and Elizabeth O’Brien

Lee and Paula Page

Judith Palmer

Joan Pappas

Dominic Perkins and Deirdre Chretien

Jim Phippard and Ann Quirk

Anne Piper

Kathrine Piper and Chad Swahnberg

Tim Pipp

Chris and Gaynelle Pratt

David Putnam, Jr.

Jim and Judy Putnam

Thomas and Barbara Putnam

June Rawlings

Reinette and Brian Reilly

Mike Remy

Carolyn Rieth

Marilyn Wyman Riley

Tim Robertson

James Robinson

Judy and John Rogers

Marie Royce Ruffle

Rowland Russell

Vincent Russell

Lynne Rust

Valerie and Lawrence Santilli

Eileen and Michael Sarson

Lael Stabler Schwabe

Linda Sewright

Ralph Sexton

Greg and Patti Seymour

Jane and Gary Shapiro

Arthur and Lynn Simington

Sandra Sliviak

Katherine Snow

Rosanne Snow

David and Jane Stabler

Jeanie Sy

Georgia Tasoulas

Henry Taves

Kim and Maria Temple

Robert and Lianne Therrien

John Treat and Eloise Clark

Anthony and Barbara Tremblay

Raette Trombly

Ernest Vose

Ken and Pam Walton

Robert and Susan Wellwood

Julie White

JB and Loren Wright

Martha and Peter Wright

Patricia B. Wright

Susan M. Wright

Louise R. Zerba