While you are practicing social distancing we want to hear your stories.
What will our descendants think about what’s happening to us today? Help us preserve Cheshire County’s response to COVID-19 by sharing a story about how you and your family are coping during these difficult times.. The Historical Society of Cheshire County is actively collecting stories via email to preserve in its archive for future educational purposes.

“We think it is important to document this experience for future generations.  It might be useful to have this information available if there is a similar experience in the future.  We also feel that it is important to document for future generations how the people of the region worked together, sacrificed and labored so diligently to help others in their time of need.” ~Alan F. Rumrill, Executive Director

Email us a brief story, a photo, your name, and which Cheshire County town you live in to Stories@hsccnh.org