Tavern Keeper


Become a Tavern Keeper

            The Wyman Tavern is Keene’s most historic house and the Historical Society of Cheshire County’s most important artifact. Each year, some of the Historical Society’s generous donors contribute $300 to become Tavern Keepers. The gift category is based on the cost of operating the Wyman Tavern for a week, which covers staffing, electricity, maintenance, insurance, security, and more.

            The Tavern Keeper gift category is all about stewardship. Over the past ten years, the Historical Society of Cheshire County has made significant investments in our facilities – the historical preservation of the Wyman Tavern, the improvements at our headquarters the Ball Mansion, and the acquisition and renovations of the Bruder House next door to the Wyman Tavern.

Last year, 46 people contributed $300 each to be Tavern Keepers so that the Historical Society could be assured of having the resources to operate the Wyman Tavern for another summer season. This year, our organization cannot lose sight of the responsibility of being good stewards. When we are able to open our doors again to the public, we will need to be ready to provide a window into Cheshire County’s history at our facilities on Keene’s Main Street.

If you are in a position to do so, please join us in our stewardship challenge, and become a Tavern Keeper in 2020. As a Tavern Keeper you will be invited to take part in a special event, and you will receive a pass for free admission to the Tavern throughout the season for you and your guests. Please know that your support will help the Historical Society make a strong recovery.