Tavern Keeper


This year marks the 50th year that the Historical Society of Cheshire County has operated the Wyman Tavern as a historic house museum. For these 50 years, the Wyman Tavern has been a window into what life was like on Keene’s Main Street in the eighteenth century. In recognition of the milestone, we are setting a goal of signing up 50 Tavern Keepers to support the operations at the Wyman Tavern in 2018.

You can become a Tavern Keeper by making a donation of $300. Your donation will support activities such as guided tours, family-friendly activities, and specialty tours such as The Story of the Wyman Children, The Story of Rev. Barstow and 19th Century Daily Life, and The Story of the Adams Sisters and Turn-of-the-20th Century Daily Life. Your donation will support the Wyman Tavern Festival, the Eighteenth Century Kids Camp, the Candlelight Open House, and the Wyman Tavern Lecture Series. Your donation will support staffing, electricity, maintenance, insurance, security, and more for Keene’s most important historic building.

As a Tavern Keeper you will be invited to take part in a special event during the summer, and you will receive a pass for free admission to the Tavern throughout the season for you and your guests.

Please help us reach our ambitious goal of 50 Tavern Keepers. Your $300 contribution will make it possible for people of all ages to “find their place in history” at the Wyman Tavern.