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Tavern Keepers donate $350 to provide for the upkeep, operations, and programs at the Wyman Tavern as well as other facilities of the Historical Society of Cheshire County.

In 1968 a group of community members acquired the Wyman Tavern to preserve it for its architectural value and its historical significance. It stands on what was once the center of the town and is among the oldest surviving houses in southwestern New Hampshire. Built in 1762, “Ye excellent Inne of Captain Wyman in Keene” was an important local institution for 30 years. Dartmouth College trustees under President Eleazar Wheelock had their first meeting in the northeast parlor on October 22, 1770. Captain Wyman, on April 22, 1775 led 29 minutemen on their march to Lexington from the front yard of his tavern. John Prentiss boarded there upon his arrival in 1799 to establish the New Hampshire Sentinel. Rev. Zedekiah Smith Barstow made his home there for 55 years and held a private school there. The most celebrated scholar educated in the building was Salmon Portland Chase, Governor of Ohio, Secretary of the Treasury in Lincoln’s cabinet, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, and the face on the $10,000 bill.

As a Tavern Keeper, you will be recognized in the Historical Society’s newsletter, annual report, and website. You will be entitled to free admission at the Wyman Tavern Museum, and you will be invited to a Tavern Keepers celebration. Please make a difference for the Wyman Tavern in 2024 by becoming a 2024 Tavern Keeper


Many thanks to the 2024 Tavern Keepers:

Eleanor Ball

Carol and Lewis Barnes

Becky and Wayne Barton

Larry and Tammy Benaquist

Jay and Lisa Blanchard

Betty and Mike Christiansen

Richard and Betsey Church

John Cooney

Irene and David Davis

Barry and Carol Faulkner

Joslin Kimball Frank

Henry Frechette and Judy Hodge

Tom and Elke Hanna

Roger Hansen

Richard High and Abigail Terrones

Robert and Joanne Hof

Cornelia Jenness

Harry Johnson

Connie Joyce

Jay and Cheryl Kahn

Margaret Kasschau

Jane Kennedy

Walter and Barbara Lacey

Bob and Karen Lyle

Daniel and Michal Mariaschin

Del and Anne McCune

Susan and Gary Murata

Erika Radich and Len Fleischer

Marilyn Wyman Riley

Arthur and Lynn Simington

Edwin and Sharon Smith

Richard Talbot

Kimball and Maria Temple

Robert and Lianne Therrien

Anthony and Barbara Tremblay

Ken and Pam Walton

Ruth Ward

Phil and Janet Warren

Jan Weekes

Rebecca and Wayne Whippie

Jeanne Williams

John and Loren Wright

Peter and Martha Wright

Richard Wright

Bob and Lisa Wyman