Contestant Info

Date: Sunday, April 29, 2018

Place: Inn at East Hill Farm, 460 Monadnock Street, Troy, NH 03465

2:30 pm- Contestants arrive at East Hill Farm to set up

3:00 pm- Doors open to public for tastings and voting

4:30 pm- Prizes awarded then hangout and have fun!


Bakers’ Rules for Entry:

  1. The bakeoff is open to anyone regardless of their ethnic background.
  2. The bakeoff is open to both amateurs and professionals.
  3. Contestants may work individually or as a team.
  4. Deadline to register for the bake-off is April 23, 2018.  
  5. Professional bakers may choose to sell loaves at the event in lieu of participating in the contest; there is a $15 vendor charge.
  6. The bread baked must be a variation of a Finnish recipe containing yeast and cardamom.
  7. Contestants must bring at minimum bring three baked loaves- one for the judges and two to serve. More than 3 loaves is highly encouraged but not necessary.
  8. Contestants must arrive a half hour prior to the event (2:30 pm) to set up at their station. Upon arrival, contestants will be led to a table to set up.  In addition to your bread, feel free to bring small decorations (optional).  Tablecloths will be provided.  Contestants are guaranteed a 3’ wide table space, but may be asked to share a 6’ table with another contestant.
  9. Contestants are encouraged to share recipe cards with the Historical Society and the public. Professional bakers may bring business cards to share.


Prize Info

Best in Show Prize:  Contestants will submit one loaf of bread to the judges (not sliced).  Each contestant will be assigned a number for judging.  Submissions will be judged on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest.  Judges will consider taste and appearance when judging.  A contestant representative will tally the ballots.  The contestant with the highest score will win.

People’s Choice Prize:  Contestants will bake 2 (or more) separate loaves of bread for the public to sample.  Bread should be sliced thin with at least 15 slices per loaf.  These loaves will help you win the People’s Choice award as visitors will be sampling and voting for their favorite.  Having more than two loaves available for samples may increase your odds as more people will be able to taste your bread.

Prizes will be announced at the event; you must be present to win.  Rules are subject to change.

Sponsorship Info

The Great Finnish Bread Bake-off is co-hosted by the Historical Society of Cheshire County in Keene, NH, the Finnish Heritage Society-Sovittaja of Rutland, MA, and the Inn at East Hill Farm in Troy, NH.


Interested in attending the event?!  Check out our Events page.


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