Trinity Bicycle Mural


General Information

The Trinity Cycle Manufacturing Company factory on Railroad Street in Keene was dedicated on November 11, 1897. Bicycles had become extremely popular for recreation and transportation at the time, and the Trinity Company had well over 100 employees by the time it unveiled its new models in February 1898. Business reports indicated that Trinity was a first class bicycle. The firm soon employed 150 people and increased production to 40 bicycles per day. Trinity built a strong reputation and gained a large following and the company had difficulty keeping up with the orders coming in from across the country. 

This was a time of rapid change in the transportation industry, however.  The huge demand for bicycles resulted in about 500 bicycle factories opening across the country to build them.  At the same time, demand cooled and there was immediately an oversupply. Prices were reduced and many companies, including Trinity, faced financial difficulty.  In one year’s time, the number of operating factories dropped from 500 to 60. 

The introduction of motorized carriages– first automobiles– added to Trinity’s troubles.  The company worked to manufacture a model of their own and perfected the car in the early months of 1900.  Trinity began to manufacture autos in July of that year. Seven months later, the Trinity Cycle Company was superseded by the Steamobile Company of America, and car manufacture replaced bicycle manufacture on Railroad Street in Keene.


Mural location:

North facing 77-81 Main St

Designed by:

Cameron Bortz, Mystic Carved Signs, Pawcatuck, Connecticut

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Trinity Bicycle Company was in operation for approximately two and a half years.  Archival materials related to the company are not known.  An article in one of Historical New Hampshire’s publications has article about the company, which is at the Historical Society of Cheshire County for patrons.  The Society is currently seeking one of the Trinity bicycles for its collection.

  • Church Street, Keene- Carriage House Condos are located in the original Jones Building (1897) where the Trinity Bicycle Company once was.

  • Cheshire Rail Trail throughout the city of Keene is a great place for biking.