Wyman Tavern Museum

wyman hall keene new hampshire

Built-in 1762 in the Georgian architectural style, the Wyman Tavern was in operation as a public house for 40 years.  Today it stands as one of the most historic buildings in Cheshire County and is open in the summer months for tours and events.

The Bruder House, a brick dwelling built in 1839 that is located adjacent to the Wyman Tavern.
Some important New Hampshire events took place at the Wyman House during its operation as a tavern.  On October 22, 1770, the Trustees of Dartmouth College, under President Eleazar Wheelock, met at the Wyman Tavern to hold their first meeting. Five years later, 29 Minutemen gathered at the Tavern to march to Lexington at the outbreak of the American Revolution in April 1775. The tavern remained in operation until 1799 before becoming a private residence for the next 170 years.  In 1968, the Wyman Tavern building became a historic house museum and is open every summer for tours and special events.

Become a Tavern Keeper 

The Wyman Tavern is Keene’s most historic house and the Historical Society of Cheshire County’s most important artifact. The Wyman Tavern costs $350 per week to operate, which covers staffing, electricity, maintenance, insurance, security, and more. You can underwrite a week of operating the Wyman Tavern and become a Tavern Keeper by making a $350 contribution.

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