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About 40% of the Historical Society’s fundraising income comes from donations. The support of our donors makes it possible to bring local history stories to over 10,000 people per year. There are several levels of support, all of which are important to the success of the Historical Society.

Leadership Circle $1,000

Members of the leadership circle have donated $1,000 or more to the Historical Society in a given year. We hope that members of the leadership circle will continue to give at that level from year to year.

Tavern Keepers $300

The Tavern Keeper donation is based on the cost of operating the Wyman Tavern historic house museum for one week

By making a $300 Tavern Keeper donation, you will join a group of people who make a big difference for the stewardship of the Historical Society’s buildings and its financial health. You will be invited to a special event, and you will be recognized in our newsletter and annual report.

Fifteen years ago, the trustees of the Historical Society of Cheshire County created the “Tavern Keepers” to raise funds for the maintenance and operation of the Wyman Tavern Museum. The Tavern Keeper contribution was based on the cost of maintaining and operating the Wyman Tavern for a week. In 2007, fifteen people became Tavern Keepers. Since then, the building needs have grown with the addition of the Bruder House to the Wyman Tavern campus, and the number of Tavern Keepers has grown to 71 in 2021.


If you prefer to send a check, please mail it to:

Historical Society of Cheshire County

P.O. Box 803

Keene, NH  03431


If you would prefer to pay by phone using your credit card, please call the Historical Society at 603-352-1895.




2022 Wyman Taver Keepers

Thomas and Susan Abert

Harry and Angeline Ackerman

Eleanor Ball

Carol and Lewis Barnes

Wayne and Becky Barton

Rusty Bastedo

Larry and Tammy Benaquist

Jay and Lisa Blanchard/Keene Monument

Chris J. Booras and Mary J. Booras

Charles and Nancy Butterfield

Deirdre Chretien and Dominique Perkins

Mike and Betty Christiansen

Rick and Betsey Church

John Cooney

Irene and David Davis

Mary Delisle and George Foskett

Dick and Pat Dugger

Sybil Dupuis

Rhonda and Luke Fowler

Joslin Kimball Frank

David Frechette and Sydney (CeeCee) Croteau Frechette

Mike Giacomo and Rachel Eschle

Roger and Nancy Hansen

Richard High and Joyce Clark (in memoriam)

Robert and Joanne Hof

John and Lynda Hunt

Martha Hunt

Jeff and Lori-Anne Ingram

Carl and Ruth Jacobs

Cornelia, Peter, and Catherine Jenness

Jane and Gregory Johnson

Claire Kluskens

Jay and Cheryl Kahn

Walter and Barbara Lacey

Susan Landers Gilbert and Sarah Handford

Marion LeFrancois

Daniel and Michal Mariaschin

John and Susan McGinnis

Brian and Lois Merry

Monadnock Garden Club

Susan and Gary Murata

Lee and Paula Page

Mike Pappas, Pappas Contracting

Chris and Gaynelle Pratt

Jay and Jean Prior

Thomas and Barbara Putnam

June Rawlings

Dr. and Mrs. R. Winfield Raynor

Michael Remy

Marilyn Wyman Riley

Jim and Sharon Rousmaniere

Marie Royce Ruffle

Art and Lynn Simington

Edwin “Smokey” and Sharron Smith

David and Jane Stabler

Robert Stephenson

Jeanie Sy

June Rawlings

Winfield and Joan Raynor

Richard Talbot

Kimball and Maria Temple

Rob and Lianne Therrien

Anthony and Barbara Tremblay

Paul and Nancy Vincent

Ken and Pam Walton

Phil and Janet Warren

Bob and Joanne Webster

Jan Weekes

Rebecca and Wayne Whippie

Jeanne Williams

Peter and Martha Wright

Robert and Lisa Wyman


The following individuals made gifts to the

Historical Society of Cheshire County of $1000 or more in 2022.

2022 Leadership Circle

Jay and Lisa Blanchard

John Cooney

David Frechette and Sydney (CeeCee) Croteau Frechette

Mike Giacomo and Rachel Eschle

Cornelia and Peter Jenness

Elizabeth and Peter Hansel

Carl and Ruth Jacobs

Walter and Barbara Lacey

Daniel and Michal Mariaschin

Lee and Paula Page

Norma Jeanne Pinney

Chris and Gaynelle Pratt

Jim and Judy Putnam

Valerie and Lawrence Santilli

Katherine Snow

John (JB) and Lauren Wright

2021 Leadership Circle

Robert and Deborah Aliber

Edward Bergeron

John Cooney

Richard and Patricia Dugger

David Frechette and Sydney Croteau Frechette

Thomas and Anne Havill

Carl and Ruth Jacobs

Neil Jenness

Jane Lane

Robert and Judith Perry

Chris and Gaynelle Pratt

Jim and Judy Putnam

James and Sharon Rousmaniere

Josephine and JC Russell

Nelson and Dorothy Saks

Katherine Snow and Paul Ledell

David and Jane Stabler

Rob Therrien

Anthony and Barbara Tremblay